With a background in art history, Louise Taylor founded TAYLORED PROPERTY management in 2017 having run a successful Parisian vacation rentals business for over ten years.

“I came to Paris in 2005 with a Masters in Art History and Architecture from Trinity College Dublin. I have always been fascinated by Paris; the people, the culture, the rich architectural heritage and started out working as an au pair to an aristocratic French family with a beautiful 18th century manoir on the outskirts of the Capital.

A summer of chateaux-hopping ensued and I had the privilege of visiting some of the most beautiful apartments, castles and palazzi on the Continent and meeting the genteel ladies and gentlemen who inhabited them!

It struck me that it takes a team of very dedicated and trustworthy people to maintain a beautiful property. And so a seed was planted…

Property Management is about problem solving. It’s also about people. It’s about earning someone’s trust and treating their home with a certain reverence. In the twelve years that preceded the launch of TAYLORED PROPERTY, I made it my business to learn everything there is to know about services within the property sector. From relocation of expats to short-term rentals, from managing renovations to running a destination club property; each experience has led to a better understanding of client needs, to building a better network of suppliers and to cultivating a team of more conscientious and consistent property specialists.”

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Moving to Paris can be a daunting task. Whether you are moving for professional or personal reasons, our experience of the city of light, command of the French languageand presence on the ground will help you lighten the load.



  • Accommodation: Finding suitable accommodation, negotiation of the lease;Etat des Lieux;
  • Moving/Storing furniture
  • Furnishing the apartment
  • Schools: Providing help in the choice and enrolment process
  • Setting up of utilities
  • Setting up bank accounts


I cannot believe how complicated this process has been. Thank you for explaining everything so clearly and for getting the job done!


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